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Are There Any Side Effects With Depo Provera?

Are There Any Side Effects With Depo Provera?

Depo Provera, one of the world's most common methods of birth control has been used by millions of women. The Depo shots have several side effects and risks that many females have came to discover once the injection has been administered.

Heavy, irregular, or even no menstrual periods have become some of the most common side effects that the users of Depo Provera have come to experience. Once a woman has taken the shots for at least a year many have stated that they do not even have a menstrual cycle.

Other general side effects that may occur with the Depo Provera shots is nervousness, headaches, bloating, mood changes, a decrease in sexual interest, hot flashes, breast tenderness, hair loss, acne, and even back aches.

Once you decide to quit having the Depo Provera it could take up to 6 months for this form of birth control to get out of your system therefore, the side effects that it may have caused could still linger around until it is all gone.

Nearly 70% of the females that have used the Depo Provera have also reported to of gained weight. Over more than half of the them stated that they have gained over 5 pounds within the first year that they have used them. While others stated that they have gained more than 10 pounds

Before you take any other form of medications be sure and consult with your physician first. Some medications tend to interfere with the Depo Provera injections.


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