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What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Spermicides?

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Spermicides?

Some of the most well known advantages with the use of spermicides are that you can buy it over the counter without having to have a prescription. Many methods of contraceptives require that you have a doctor's prescription in order to be able to obtain the form of birth control. 
Also when using spermicides you will not have to have any type of medical procedure performed. Therefore, you should not have any risks to your health when you choose to use spermicides as your barrier.
Once you discontinue the use of spermicides it will allow you to become fertile immediately if you are able to have children. So be sure that you do want children or have some other back up method as a form of birth control. 
Some disadvantages that you might also experience when you choose to use spermicides is that it is less effective than some of the other methods that are out on the market in today's society.
Spermicides may also cause different side effects such as penile irritation or vaginal irritation. Be sure not to continue using the products if this type of problem occurs. You might want to seek medical assistance as well. 
Make sure that the spermicides are applied within the appropriate time frame and reapply if you plan on having additional sexual intercourse. Once ejaculation has occurred the spermicides must stay in place for 6-8 hours to be sure that the sperm have been killed, which helps to prevent pregnancy from occurring. 


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