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Discount Cheap Birth Control Pills, Yasmin, Yaz, Nuvaring, Ortho
- Buy Cheap Yasmin Birth Control Pill

What is Yasmin birth control?
Yasmin is a contraceptive pill sometimes referred to as Yas, or Yaz however they are completely different. This is an estrogen and progestin combination to prevent pregnancy and to regulate the woman's period or mentrual cycle. The possible Yasmin side effects could be weight change, vomiting, fainting and pain in the stomach. If you feel any side effects you should consult with your doctor. This pill is not available as generic Yasmin as of yet however is for sale as a discount birth control from 77 Canada Pharmacy. Available in 21 and 28 day packs.

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- Buy Nuvaring Birth Control Rings

Is Nuvaring easy to use?
This is a ring that is used by a female to prevent child birth and is very reliable with minimal side effects. To use always wash your hands, lie down and hold Nuva ring between your index finger and thumb. Fold the ring into your vagina. Leave the ring in place for 3 weeks then remove it. You can have sex on Nuvaring and if you ever feel any side effects consult with your doctor. Generic Nuvaring is not available as of yet

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Depo Provera
- Order Depo Provera Shot / Injection Online

What is the Depo Shot?
This is a progestin hormone used for women to prevent children and regulate periods. It is a injection or sometimes refered to as a shot that is very effective with minimal side effects. These shots are injected by your doctor and can last a longer time even after you stop the injections. The possibility of an over dose is highly unlikely as your doctor injects it every 3 months. As of right now there is no generic Depo Provera shot available however the cost can be quite low when you order from Canada.

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Ortho Cyclen
- Buy Ortho Cyclen Contraception

What are the possible side effects and dangers of Ortho Cyclen?
This is a contraceptive taken in 21 or 28 day tablets by women to prevent unwanted child birth with low side effects and dangers. Some Ortho Cyclen side effects are acne, cramps, weight loss or weight gain breast enlargement, depression and dizziness. If you suspect other possible side effects or dangers we suggest you read online forums or review sites of people who are taking this birth control. Ortho Cyclen is not available as a generic but can be ordered at a discount from Canada.

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Ortho Tri Cyclen
- Purchase Ortho Tri Cyclen Birth Control

Is Ortho Tri Cyclen Pills safe to use?
Yes these pills are safe to use when taken in either the 21 or 28 day tablets. Used to prevent pregnancy and regulate a menstrual cycle and treat symptoms of menopause this is an effective estrogen progestin combination. This is a low dosage hormone pill that can make a woman's cycle regular and lighter. It can also be used in certain cases to prevent cancer. For United States customers you are welcome to order from Canada as the cost and price is cheaper if ordered from an online Canadian pharmacy.

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- Buy Alesse Birth Control Pills

What is Alesse?
This is a low dose pill to stop pregnancy in women that can also be used to regulate a woman's period. Never take this more than 24 hours apart and always follow the directions on the package. Store this at room temperature and keep away from children. If you feel you may be feeling severe side affects consult emergency. This is available for sale in 21 or 28 day packs in 3 months at a time from Canada.

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Ortho Evra
- Order Ortho Evra Patches

How do you use the Ortho Evra Patch?
This is a 22 day birth control patch that is used for a 7 day period at a time. Use 3 patches over a three week period and then go without using for one week. Never go longer than 7 days without applying if you are over 200 pounds this patch may not work as well for you. For possible side affects and dangers we suggest you check and online forum or reviews site. Generic Ortho Evra is not available but is cheap from Canada.

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Today Sponge
- Buy Contraceptive Sponge Without Prescription

How do you use the Today Sponge?
This is a pregnant prevention contraceptive that provides 24 hours of protection from getting pregnant by killing the sperm on contact. It is easily inserted and removed for spontaneous sex and sexual encounters. This contains nonoxynol 9 and is available without a prescription. The rate of efficiency is rated as 90% and it is not felt by the man or woman during sex. Customers from the U.S.A. can order it from Canada with no prescription.

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- Buy Diaphragm Contraceptive Without Prescription

How do you insert a diaphragm?
This is a contraceptive that uses spermicide to help prevent pregnancy. Insert all the way to the cervex and spread the spermicinde to the outer ring. never wear more than 24 hours and wash using warm water. Check for holes and/or tears within the material. This is available without prescription as an over the counter (otc) item.

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Ortho Novum
- Buy Ortho Novum 777, 1 35 Birth Control

What form does Ortho Novum in?
This is a contraceptive in a variety of forms that is called Ortho in Canada and comes in 777, 7 7 7, in 28 or 21 day, 1/35 in 21 and 28 day, .5/35 in 28day and .5/35 in 21 day. Generic Ortho Novum is not available and a prescription is required to order. You can order up to a 3 month supply at a time and is not available without prescription.

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Ortho Cept
- Buy Ortho Cept Birth Control Pills

Is Ortho Cept birth control safe to use?
Yes this is a very safe and effective birth control with low side effects and dangers. It can be used to stop pregnancy or treat and regulate the menstrual cycle in women. Possible side effects are cramps, acne, weight loss and weight gain, chest pain, sex drive and allergic reactions. This is taken as an oral pill and generic Ortho Cept is not available yet from a known manufacturer.

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